two girls and a 6000 km adventure awaiting


More than two girls adventuring herselves in service stations to hitchhike trucks coming from Bosnia, this was an experience of discovery of a beautiful humanity where we still can and should deposit our faith.

But let's start from the beginning.
An internship about to finish. No work and a summer ahead. Not much money and the will to experience total freedom after 6 months spent in front of the computer.

"Ana, come with me to Italy!" When I acceded to my friend's request to accompany her on the journey through the pasta and pizza land, I could not imagine the adventure that awaited us.

8kg of basic things on the backpack, toned legs, the arrival in Portugal at the end of August and a huge desire to live an adventure was what we had for granted.
Soon we realized that Italy was just the beginning. It followed Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal, in a journey of many miles to the hitch. Without great plans but with a constant positive mindset, we put the thumb into action. This has led us to the most beautiful landscapes and the most inspiring people. Even when we thought that we could no longer be surprised by the generosity of the world, there was always someone who opened the doors of his car and his house for a conversation about who we were and what we were doing there.

The way we faced this trip, allowing ourselves to connect with people in all our stops, was what really made it so special, one of the best experiences ever. I feel filled with love when I think of all the good people we met along the way. Because, yes, call me naive, but the truth is that this world is not as bad as the TV news sells to us. So here my final advice: Turn off the TV and get on the road. From Portugal to Italy or from China to Japan, know that the geographical points of departure and arrival do not matter so much. Just go and enjoy the ride, create opportunities for contact points with anyone who crosses your path. Without fear of cultural or linguistic barriers, because the greatest barriers are those that we place to ourselves. Let's beat the Trumps of our beautiful world.

Today is a beautiful day!

© 2019 by Ana Torres