my EVS experience


Have been exactly three years since my first EVS (European Voluntary Service) experience and I am still revisiting images of it. I still think about it, as it was so meaningfull for my self-growth. In fact, I believe this experience somehow changed the course of my life. All the good, diverse people I met helped me to understand what person did I want to became.

This video is a little reminder of our sweet times in Aya Varvara with the inspiring World Wide Village Project and all the community. I am forever grateful for that Summer night back in 2015 in which instead of writing my master's thesis I was searching European Voluntary Service programs.  :)


Just know that if you're between 18 and 30 years old and you live in an european country you can also be part of an experience like this one. The European Voluntary Service is an amazing opportunity to contact with different cultures, to make new friends, to travel and to acquire new skills and abilities that will definitly be useful for your personal and professional growth. You'll learn about leaving your comfort zone and discover more about yourself, things you don't normally learn in school. Also, it is totally for free, as the European Commission has a fund that will cover all your expenses (EU is such a good thing, ahm?).

You just need to aplly to one of the hundreds of programs available. Find open vacancies and more information about EVS on their website and Facebook pageAlso, I am here to help! So if you have any questions regarding how to find a project that suits you, the application process, etc feel free to contact me. :)

Today is a beautiful day!

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