sun, sea and friends


Last April, I went alone to Greece for 14 days without expecting anything apart from spending a quite time close to nature, under the sun and by the sea. It turned out to be an incredible and unexpected adventure. Started in Athens, passed by Santorini and finished in Crete, where I met great people living slowly by the sea. As soon as I arrived in Crete (Heraklion) I met my couchsurfing host Panagiotis, who turned out to be an open and friendly boy with a boat and a dog, Alma. These two and three other friends of them where planning a boat trip in which I decided to take part too.


Just going with the flow; that's how the best moments have been happening in my life so far. And those two days on a boat with five new greek friends in the middle of the sea were the most memorable days of this travel. Adventures inside of an adventure; those are the ones I love the most.


Thank you Crete, for being so good to me. You are in my heart now.

Today is a beautiful day!

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