Hi! I am Ana, the person behind the project "i travel i connect".

I am a visual content creator and designer with a passion for travelling and discovering new cultures.

This project started when I understood that backpacking, doing couchsurfing and hitchhiking were more than a way to live an adventure at a low cost.

These travels, specially solo travels, made curious people approach me and made me more open to others as well. They were potentiating meeting the people living in the places I was visiting and really connecting with them and their culture. 


All the experiences while solobackpacking, doing couchsurfing and hitchhiking were so special and positive because of the people I met on the way. They opened the door of their cars to give me a ride, opened their house so I could stay overnight, they cooked local dishes and told stories about their country and way of living. All this without knowing me in first place and without asking for anything in return, apart from my company to share a meal while telling a bit about myself and my adventure plans.

And it's important that the world knows about this.​ We are living times of detachment and fixed convictions, where countries are building borders, communities are getting more closed and extreme and people are closing their minds to different points of view and beliefs. I truly believe that that could change if people got to travel with an open mind and a real purpose of getting to know more than a place a new culture. And that is exactly the motivation behind this project: to inspire and encourage people for cultural exchange.

Let's get out of our social bubble for a moment and experience what is out there. Let's learn in the first person about different realities and comprehend that other cultures, beliefs and ways of living are not a thread; they enrich our world.

My goal is to tell stories

from my travels to inspire

intercultural exchange.

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Today is a beautiful day!

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